Friday-Sunday Labor Day weekend 11am-5pm

8th Annual Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Show and Sale

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Le Barroux, France 2016 Plein Air Workshop

These are some of the 9 x 12 watercolors I painted while in Le Barroux France May 24 through June 13, 2016.

I feel my watercolor plein air work improved under the tutelage of Ian Roberts whose vision, experience and good natured instruction made this trip one of the highlights of my life!

Please save the date for the 8th annual ARTfusion which will be held at the Cutting Garden Art Studio in Sequim, WA on Labor Day weekend September 2-4, 2016 11am to 5pm!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

8th annual ARTfusion

New Sculpture by Linda Collins Chapman

A New Direction!
         New works combining hand sculpted elements and slab built vessels.  

   Ebony and Ivory   glazed porcelain    15"h x 8"w x 9"d

                                              Garden Party    glazed porcelain    18" h x 11"w x 5"d

                                  Forest Wind   porcelain, celadon glaze   13.5" diameter x 3"d

                                              Snow Queen   glazed porcelain   19" diameter x 3"d

                                         Forest Nymph's Gift   glazed porcelain   20" h x 9"w x 5.5"d

                                 Forest King's Treasure Box   glazed porcelain   14"h x 9"w x 9.5"d
                                             (Thanks to Patti Warashina for the inspiration!)


Tuttie Peetz Sculpture

Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Carved Porcelain by Linda Collins Chapman

                                        New Spinner   carved porcelain   19" diameter x 3"d  

                                                         Altered Vase   carved porcelain  9'h

                                                           Carved Porcelain Vase   11"h

                                                            Carved Porcelain Vase   9"h

                                                      Altered Carved Porcelain Vase   9"h

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Painting outdoors - Plein Air

I (Catherine Mix) am getting ready for the 3rd annual Paint the Peninsula plein air competition this fall ( so I have been painting outdoors quite a lot lately.  

These and other small paintings, done on location, will be a prominently featured at ARTfusion this year!
Please share the link to this blog with your friends, we'd love to see you at the show!

Getting to the Cutting Garden MAP

The Cutting Garden Art Center is just 3 miles north of the town of Sequim.
We have 2 acres of parking and in addition to the wonderful art show, we have lovely garden grounds.